PRESS RELEASE – August 2020

Peace Conference and Festival due to launch on 21st September 2020

We are very pleased to announce that we have received an overwhelming amount of interest from various well-known scholars, academics, writers, filmmakers, artists and civil society members who would like to participate in our upcoming Peace Conference and Festival 2020 and support the peace initiative.

These include:

Dr Farid Younos - Article and Talk

Professor Ali Wardak  -  Panel discussion and Talk

Professor M. Nazif Mohib Shahrani (tbc)

Dr Akhshid Javid  - Presenting Late Academician Professor Abdul Ahmad Javid's Book on Peace

Dr Farouq Azam - Talk

Professor Alessandro Monsutti (tbc)

Professor John Baily - MusicPerformance and Talk

Veronica Doubleday - Music Performance and Talk

Professor Richard Tapper (tbc)

Dr Valey Aria - Talk

Dr Sayedi - Panel discussion and Talk

Ustad Saljuqi - Presentation and Talk

Ustad Aziz Arianfar - Talk

Dr Assadullah Shour - Article and Talk

Dr Sarwa Rasa - Article and Talk

Dr Shogufa Akbazada- Article and Talk

Masuma Nazari - Article and Talk

Dr Yousuf Rahimi (tbc)

Dr Esra Kaytaz - Presentation

Dr Carolin Fischer - Presentation

Professor Macrory - Book donation

Martin Barber - Book donation

Gulwali Passarlay - Book donation and Talk

Mansour Popal - Talk (tbc)

Aboubaker Ayubi - Artwork (tbc)

Reshad Jalali -  Article and Talk

Sonia Ahmadi - (tbc)

Sabir Zazai - (tbc)

Ustad Abdul Ali Noor Ehrary - (tbc)

Dr. Sheryl Lynch - Article and Talk

Sarah Bittel - Presentation and Talk

Fahim Hashimy - (tbc)

Mariam Amini - Poetry

Soraya Akhlaqi - Media and Art work

Sohail Jannesari - Research Presentation and  Talk

Wil Patrick - Article and Talk

Rabia Latif Khan - Research Presentation and Talk

Farzad Ramezani Bonesh - Talk

Afghan Civil Society Members from Afghanistan (tbc)

Young Afghan Participants' Showcase

Afghan Music Performance

Afghan Art and Film Showcase


Our special thanks go to those who have stood by our side, sent us their suggestions and have already agreed to take part in this initiative. Many have already sent the title of their presentations and talks, abstracts, full articles and art and media work. We are grateful for their prompt replies.

New participants are welcome to join the initiative.

Please confirm your participation by contacting us via email:

If you cannot participate in the launch conference on 21st September 2020, we will have a series of events and activities as part of the festival, both before and after this date, where you can become involved.

If you would like us to arrange the recording of your presentation and support you to prepare the delivery of your presentation, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We will attempt to do our best to accommodate you and can also discuss further options to enable you to participate. We welcome any written and/or spoken participation in either Farsi-Dari, Pashto or English.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event and the establishment of the Peace Centre or have any further suggestions, please contact us directly.

We look forward to welcoming you. Thank you sincerely for your collaboration.

With peace and respect,

Assiya Majgan Amini

Afghan Academy International - Afghan Library Study Centre for Peace, Arts and Culture (Peace Centre)