Afghan Library and Peace Centre

The Academy has been providing educational and cultural services and activities which have proved to be facilitating the learning experience of diaspora communities in helping to advance awareness in the society.

Our work continues to do so and we are constantly initiating new approaches. The Academy holds a unique collection of archives and books in relation to Afghanistan, including interviews, seminars and lectures by Afghan and other scholars in various different formats. If you want to add your work to its collection to enrich its archive please contact us.

We are currently working on raising funds for opening the first digital and physical Afghan Library Study and Centre for Peace, Art and Culture (Afghan Peace Centre) to provide further educational and cultural services and awareness about Afghanistan. If you are interested to support this unique goal in any way, please get in touch with us.

The founder of this initiative, Assiya Majgan Amini, has raised awareness about the importance of such a platform and space on a global level and her project idea concept has been selected as one of the best practices in the first Global Refugee Forum in Berlin in 2019. It was also published in a report which was presented to the UN delegations in Geneva in December 2019. This project is being endorsed by many who are currently supporting her to bring it to live.

Extract from Global Consultations in Europe, Middle East, East Africa – Workshops with Refugee and Diaspora Representatives – Global Refugee Forum Report 2019:

Afghan Academy International– Community-initiated and self-funded organisation that works to preserve memory and cultural identity via library and study center – digital platform in addition to physical space. The objective is to build trust, reestablish confidence, peace-building – as a basis to manage multiple identities. It is also a cultural hub for young and old, a safe place for women to meet as well as for the Afghan community across ethnic groups.

We launched the first Afghan International Peace Conference and Festival on 21st September 2020 with many highly recognised Afghan and non-Afghan academicians, civil society members, artists, activists and other stakeholders in order to raise awareness about people’s needs and work towards the initiation of the first Afghan Library and Peace Centre. If you would like to get involved and contribute towards this unique initiative and our on-going events please contact us.

Education for All

We work in collaboration with institutions to support home learning as part of our Education for All project, which is an online learning portal with many free online courses, opportunities and resources.

For more information and support please contact us.

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