Circle of Friends/Supporters

Since the early 1980s, the United Kingdom has seen a wave increase in the arrival of Afghan refugees, entering in an attempt to escape the conflicts that gripped their native homeland. Hence, the need for an independent Afghan community organisation, which could provide social and psychological support, as well as a safe haven, to help reconnect isolated Afghan individuals and families was essential. It was at this crucial time that Afghan Academy International was formed, working directly as a port of support for those in need, providing free information, advice and counselling services, as well as educational, cultural and social recreational activities.

Maintaining the organisation without any basic funds from the government or private sources proved difficult at times, and the Academy undoubtedly owes its achievements and progression to our dedicated team, as well all of the families and friends in the community who have continuously stood beside us, offering their time, expertise and financial support.

Uniquely comprised from members of the community who have been working alongside us, our thriving Circle of Friends and Supporters offers a chance to cement your membership as a recipient of our full-hearted comfort and services, as well as a colleague working with us towards the development of our educational and cultural programs.

Therefore, as a token of appreciation for the services that families and friends have received, members have suggested and have come forward with a £10 monthly contribution. By taking on this role in support of the Academy, we will all have an opportunity to put our appreciation in action and sustain support for the Academy. Your cooperation will enable the Academy to continue its work, as well as become more accessible to those who may need urgent support but are unaware about the services available.

For any further information, or if you would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact Shapur Amini directly on 07952 578473.

We thank you in advance for your kind and generous support!