Afghan International Council

a collective effort for Afghanistan and its people, echoing their needs and wishes

As part of our aims we work in collaboration with a wide range of Afghan and non-Afghan organisations, institutions, experts, academics, activists and businesses to promote peace and community cohesion and to share knowledge and resources.

If you are interested to connect with us, join any live collaborations and/or would like to promote your organisation and any aspect of your work and projects, do please contact us

The need for a united voice to echo the needs and wishes of the people of Afghanistan, both inside and outside the country, has always been the missing piece in a constructive platform for peace, development and state and nation building in Afghanistan.

The Afghan International Council (AIC) was therefore initiated in August 2019 by Afghan Academy International to create a space to bring people together and inspire collective work from around the globe to better support the wellbeing and needs of the people of Afghanistan. AIC aims to promote cooperation and facilitate cohesion amongst organisations, institutions, experts, academics, activists and businesses, as well as to share knowledge and resources. The Council hopes to operate as a think tank for issues concerning Afghanistan, specifically in relation to peace, stability, unity, pluralism, tolerance and cultural nourishment.

By joining this initiative, partner members remain independent, but gain the support of AIC for their existing structures and activities. In keeping with its objectives, AIC considers the following as its main initial functions:

  • Recognition
  • Appreciation
  • Communication
  • Co-operation
  • Networking
  • Annual Meeting
  • Establishing and working towards humanitarian and support mechanisms for those in need

The Afghan International Council’s most crucial goals are to begin a dialogue, build bridges and share expertise collectively for the benefit of all Afghans around the world.