Afghan Council of Britain

Recognition, Appreciation, Communication & Cooperation

For the last four decades, the Afghan Community in the United Kingdom has increased to a large number. At the same time, within this period, a large number of Afghan community organisations have been formed in different areas in London, as well as in some other big cities in the UK. Whilst the hard work and the services that these Afghan organisations provide, are appreciated, nevertheless, the need for cooperation and networking are important and needed in order to offer and share our knowledge, expertise and experiences collectively to our people and community as a whole. 

It is therefore that the Afghan Academy International has initiated the Afghan Council of Britain in 2013 as a platform and an umbrella group to form a collective and united voice for Afghans, echoing and honouring their needs and wishes with the aim to provide a role model for Afghans and Afghan communities inside and outside Afghanistan.

Its primary aims are to promote recognition, appreciation, communication and co-operation amongst Afghans and Afghan organisations to allow better serve and support the wellbeing and needs of Afghans in the United Kingdom and abroad. It also aims to operate as a think tank for issues concerning Afghans in the UK and abroad, as well as have a collective voice and concern for the affairs in Afghanistan in regards to peace and stability, unity, pluralism, tolerance and cultural nourishment. 

Afghan Academy International is undertaking the main role of communication with all Afghan organisations, informing them of any important issues and events, promote their work and publicise their services, activities and their details to be accessible to the public, as well as to other organisations, institutions, local councils and those who are interested in the work of Afghan community organisations in the UK.

This platform will not replace or duplicate the services of any member organisations, but it will add value to the existing structures and provide a voice for the Afghan community sector in the UK.

Afghan Council of Britain aims to bring unity, cohesion and mutual respect amongst individuals and groups in the society and if you would like to join this umbrella group please send your details and further information about your organisation to:

Many Afghan organisations, businesses, individuals and activists have joined this initiative since 2013.