Afghan International Peace Mission

Promoting dialogue for peace, justice, equality, tolerance, pluralism, co-operation, development and state and nation building here in the UK and in Afghanistan.

War, either in Afghanistan or in any other part of the world, is sadly a too well-known and a cruel phenomenon that has been haunting the lives and minds of individuals and nations alike since the beginning of history. We have been witnessing and learning about conflicts and wars of all kinds in many far away lands including Afghanistan, as well as on our doorsteps, so much so that it is misguidedly beginning to pose itself as a common occurrence in our lives, to hear of this or that atrocity, this suicide bombing or that explosion, going on day by day. Yet we must resist this commonplace “banality of evil”. Peace, not war, is the natural state for human beings to live in. It is the dialogue for peace that is crucial and should be kept alight and on offer to anyone practising the wrath of war, but not the virtue of peace. Peace, a significant, meaningful and a much missing word, is the biggest challenge of our times.The Academy promotes peace, pluralism, cooperation and dialogue to overcome violence and to appreciate universal human values. We believe war is the darkness and peace is the light and light always diminishes darkness in man and in society. As active citizens and as conscious human beings it is our responsibility to become peace ambassadors for ourselves, our family, neighbourhood, society, country and the world as a whole and to make war and violence a failure. War is always a failure, because each new war only creates new enemies, new widows and new hatred. Without doubt, it is peace that breathes within our souls, bodies, cultures, faiths and civilisations. From chaos and disunity, peace stands for the wholeness inside us human beings, which when attained, we can stand side by side and practise love and harmony through our thoughts, actions and words.