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What makes you happy and what brings you hope?


Luke Jan's message from Germany, March 2020

"The book says..." - an Afghan poem submitted by Zohra Jan from England, March 2020

Yaqub Jan's message from England, March 2020

Sawayz Jan's message from Holland, April 2020

Faranaz Jan's message from England, April 2020

Kavian Jan's message from Holland, April 2020

Madina Jan’s support for peace (100th Anniversary of Afghan Independence Day – August 2019) from England, March 2020

ماهی گیر و ماهی طلایی The Fisherman and The Golden Fish – read by Yasin Jan from Switzerland, April 2020

Suleiman Jan at the Academy's calligraphy session, England, 2018

Koshan Jan's family contribution from Holland, April 2020

Yousef Jan at the Academy's calligraphy session, England, 2018

Iman Jan created a unicorn cake, England, April 2020

My Testimonial
When I moved to London with my two young children and husband I was very excited to be living in such an exciting city. The only thing that was missing was the chance to connect with my roots. Being far from my family I was worried my children wouldn’t be proud of their heritage or learn about Afghanistan's rich history.
Would they get the chance to celebrate cultural traditions growing up like I did? I was surrounded with cousins and family friends who served as a bridge to my ancestors in the States. Who would my children celebrate Now Roz with? I wanted them to be confident girls who knew that their background was something to be proud of. 
One day walking past my library my daughter asked me if we could stop inside and get a book. It was after hours and the guard came out to inform us that a group was holding a meeting inside. I asked what sort of group. She said it was an Afghan club.
I excitedly answered “I’m Afghan”. I went in and was greeting with the kind of warmth I needed. Call it fate or chance but that day I found community far from home. Thank you Afghan Art & Culture Club for all you do. 
Orzullah Majidi, 29th April 2020

Taha Jan's message & drawings, England, April 2020

Matti Jan's message from England, May 2020

Mansoor Jan's message from England, May 2020

Khatera Jan's message from England, May 2020

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What makes you happy and what brings you hope?

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