Academic Seminars

Promoting education and the works of Afghan scholars, writers, poets and artists among Afghans and worldwide.

Afghan Academy International believes education plays the most important role in every human’s life. It is for this reason that since the initial stages of our work we have been providing educational programmes to serve the Afghan community, as well as those involved with the people of Afghanistan. We initiated and launched the first educational and cultural monthly seminars on Afghanistan in 1996 and have a unique collection of seminars and lectures by Afghan scholars.

Without doubt, the arrival, formation and existence of any diaspora community has its own story and characteristics. With this in mind, therefore, for the majority of Afghans who have come to the West in different stages of wars and deadly conflicts, the scars and memories still carry many unimaginable deep terrifying effects. It is in these scenarios that education and the task of modern educators dealing, engaging and providing care and services to the refugees and victims are significantly crucial in every and each encounter with them, either being on a one-to-one dialogue level or in meetings, community gatherings or events. For the Academy, as an impartial, educational, cultural and social organisation in the UK, it has been exciting and rewarding to witness how our services, activities and initiatives have guided and benefited many Afghans of different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. Even today, their genuine continuous support and involvement signifies their support and appreciation of our work.

If you would like to be involved in our upcoming academic seminars and events please contact us.