Projects & Activities

By providing a unique range of welfare and social services, as well as educational, cultural, and arts activities for better integration, employment and business opportunities, the Academy aims for better serving the Afghan community in the UK and abroad. This is achieved through guidance, co-operation and networking with other organisations, as well as scholars, poets, artists and musicians.

The Academy aims to promote and preserve the Afghan identity and cultural heritage whilst promoting critical thinking, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and academic liberty.

If you can contribute to support our aims or join our activities and/or like to share your thoughts and enjoy the unique opportunities available in the Academy, we would like to.

Afghan Art & Culture Club

Providing activities and services to cater for the needs of the young Afghans in the UK and abroad.

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Afghan TV Channel

Promoting peace, education, culture and arts through TV programmes broadcasting to Afghan viewers around the world.

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Academic Seminars

Promoting education and the works of Afghan scholars, writers, poets and artists among Afghans and worldwide.

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Afghan Library

Providing educational and cultural services and activities which have proved to be facilitating the learning experience of diaspora communities in helping to advance awareness in the society.

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Dialogue and Discourse on Afghanistan

Promoting education and providing a platform to exchange views and thoughts and to share a selection of articles and views on Afghanistan’s political, economical, cultural and social developments.

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Afghan International Peace Mission

Promoting dialogue for peace, justice, equality, tolerance, pluralism, co-operation, development and state and nation building in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan International Aid

Raising awareness and supporting the educational needs and the relief of poverty in Afghanistan.

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Afghan Art, Film & Media Foundation

Initiated in 2011, this project aims to provide a platform to support and promote the Afghan Art and Cinema worldwide, organise exhibitions and film festivals, as well as support Afghans to get scholarships, training and study opportunities in colleges & universities.

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Education For All

Promoting education and support home learning for all.

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Afghan Culture and Music Events

Support for Afghan artists & musicians and opportunities for new talents to learn and perform in events.

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Afghan Women International

Run by Afghan women, this project aims to create an active platform in support of Afghan women in Afghanistan and abroad.

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Afghan Related Events

Providing and circulating information about a selection of events and services taking place in the UK.

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Afghan Variety Radio Show

Providing advice, information and entertainment and an interactive live dialogue about current affairs.

Afghan Youth/Social & Sports Clubs

Supporting Afghan youth/social & sports clubs and promoting recreational and sports activities among Afghans in the UK.

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Your health matters to us!

Providing further information and advice relating to health

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Afghan Council of Britain

This project was launched in December 2013 by the Academy as a platform to initiate and establish communication, recognition, appreciation and cooperation amongst Afghan community organisations in the UK for networking and better serving the Afghan community as a whole.

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Afghan International Council

Promoting wider recognition, appreciation, communication and cooperation with a direct link to Afghanistan and the wider world and serving as a think tank for issues concerning the affairs of Afghan refugees.

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Afghan Families Project

Volunteering program to get training, mentoring and coaching to help families access specialist support.

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