Our Team

The Academy started its work following the need for an independent educational, cultural and social group who could support the newly arrived individuals in the early 1980s.

Shapur Amini started the organisation after his arrival in the UK in 1981 with the help and cooperation of Afghans in London and later was joined by Assiya Majgan Amini who co-founded the Academy since 1991. Both Shapur and Assiya have also founded new projects, initiated and lead these within the Academy that have supported and benefited many people.

Since the start scholars, artists and people of goodwill have joined the Academy and provided in kind support or participated in our projects. We have an excellent team of academic and professional experts, volunteers and are supported by Afghan and international personalities of whom we are very proud of.

We thank and appreciate our dedicated teams!

Our team of academics & experts who have stood by our side throughout the past years includes:

Late Academician Dr. A. Javid
Late Diplomat Ustad Aziz Naim
Pohand Hashimi

Dr Thomas Daffern
Late Poet Mr Haidar Nayssan
Late Dr Enayullah Iblagh

Late Mr Ali Afzal
Dr Ali Wardak
Dr Sayed Askar Mosavi

Late Dr A. K. Jawandoon
Dr Juna
Ustad Asef Mahmoud
Ustad Arif Mahmoud
Late Mr Simon Bell

Our current team of academics and experts includes:

Pohand Hashimi
Ustad Najib Amini

Dr S S Khelwati
Eng Sharif Folad
Professor Benjamin Zephaniah
Dr Akhshid Javid
Mr Brian De Lord
Dr Rachel Pepper
Dr Roman Folad

Mr Ahmed Masood Amer
Dr Ajmal Zemmar
Mr David Barnad

Miss Mariam Amini

Our team throughout the past years have included:

Late Al-Haj K Nezam
Dr Parwani
Mr S Habibyar
Mr Ahmadshah Faqirzada
Ustad Najib Amini
Mr Ahmadshah Obaid
Mr Hafiz Hadamyar
Mr Aman Mehran
Mr Ansari
Abdullah Ali Ahamadi
Mrs Fatana Amini
Mr Salamat Khan Sediqi
Mrs Hawa

Ustad Sharif Saiq
Eng Abdulmalik Bahaar
Usad Yousuf Mahmoud
Mr Sharif Ghorbandi
Mr Nasir Pajman
Ustad Haroon Omar Mehdi
Mr Shekaib Ahmad
Mr Yama Jalali
Mr Mohammad Habibzadah
Eng Bashir Saiq

Our current team includes:

Mr Ahmadshah Faqirzada
Eng Abdulmalik Bahaar
Mr Salamat Khan Sediqi
Ustad Sharif Saiq
Ustad Haroon Omar Mehdi
Eng Bashir Saiq
Miss Madina Amini

Mrs Mariam Azizi
Ustad Adila Baha

Mrs Sadia Azimi
Mr Fazil Hamadani
Mr Samad Azizi
Mrs Mariam Sadat

Mrs Jamila Karimi

We also thank and appreciate all our volunteers for their time and efforts!

If you are able to contribute and support our aims, join our activities and/or share your thoughts and enjoy the unique opportunities available within and throughout the Academy, we would like to hear from you.