Our Team

The Academy started its work following the need for an independent educational, cultural and social group who could support the newly arrived individuals in the early 1980s. Shapur Amini started the organisation after his arrival in the UK in 1981 and later was joined by Assiya Majgan Amini who co-founded the Academy since 1991. Both Shapur and Assiya have also founded and initiated various projects and services within the Academy that have supported and benefited many people.

Afghan scholars, artists and people of goodwill ever since have joined the Academy and have provided in kind support or participated in our projects. We have an excellent team of academic and professional advisors, volunteers and are supported by Afghan and international personalities of whom we are very proud of.

If you are able to contribute and support our aims, join our activities and/or share your thoughts and enjoy the unique opportunities available within and throughout the Academy, we would like to hear from you.