Afghan International Peace Conference and Festival – In Search of Peace


Launched on 21st September 2020

To honour all those who have lost their lives over more than forty years of war and conflict and applaud the long-term resilience of those who have still not lost hope;

to promote peace;

and support the establishment of the 1st Afghan Library Study and Centre for Peace, Arts and Culture (Peace Centre)

We are honoured to announce that we have received endorsements from many well known individuals and agencies since the official launch of the peace initiative.

We continue to receive an overwhelming amount of interest from various well-known scholars, academics, writers, filmmakers, artists and civil society members who have started to participate in our Peace Conference and Festival and support the peace initiative.

We have several events and activities organised as part of the discourse:

Conference, Panel Discussions, Talks, Presentations, Articles, Research Outcomes, Art, Culture and Film Showcases, Performances, Community Engagements and Presentations by both Afghan Civil Society Members and organisations from around the world


We have an open call for submissions and contributions

of  articles, presentations, performances, artwork, creative writing, film-work or any other media work from around the world until further notice.

You can also support the peace initiative by sponsoring and/or advertising your business.

For further details please contact us.