Afghan Academy International

Promoting Peace, Education, Culture, Arts, Critical Thinking, Freedom of Speech

As an independent voluntary community organisation, Afghan Academy International is the first educational, cultural, arts and social group working in the UK since the early 1980s. By providing a unique range of projects and services, the Academy aims to support Afghans in the UK and abroad to achieve a better standard of living, health, education, cultural understanding, employment opportunity and integration. This is accomplished through advice, information and guidance, as well as providing platforms for interactions, coordination, cooperation and networking with academics, artists and professionals, as well as other organisations, agencies and local authorities. The Academy aims to preserve the Afghan historical and cultural heritage, whilst promoting peace, critical thinking, freedom of speech and expression, academic liberty, and a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultural norms. We welcome your suggestions. For any further information, media enquires and interviews please contact us.

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Our Initiatives and Achievements

We have pioneered and established foundational work in all the different sectors and inspired and supported many individuals and organisations since the early 1980s. We still continue to launch new initiatives based on the needs of the Afghan people and others here in the UK and abroad whilst drawing on our academic and professional knowledge and expertise we have acquired throughout the years. All our projects and support have made a positive impact on the lives of many individuals who are endorsing our work and new initiatives.

Information, advice, guidance and support to Afghan refugees (since early 1980s)

Providing a Network Platform for Afghans and other involved with the Afghan community (since early 1980s)

Continuing all services from 1980s

Supporting others involved with the Afghan community here in the UK and abroad

Afghan International Peace Mission – conference, advocacy, dialogue and discourse (since 1990s)

Afghan International Aid – fundraising for emergency situations in Afghanistan (since 1990s)

Monthly Academic Seminars and Conferences (since 1990s)

Monthly Bi-lingual Magazine in the UK (1999-2005)

Booklets and Publications (since 1990s)

A-Z Information Book for Afghan Refugees in the UK (1999)

Afghan Business Club and Network (since 1999)

Afghan Cultural and Heritage Showcases (since 1990s)

Cultural and Musical Events and Activities (since early 1990s)

Afghan Languages and Quran Classes for Families (1991-1995)

Afghan Youth Club (1992-1995)

Launching and Supporting Afghan Sports Clubs: 1st Afghan Takewondo Classes (1992-1993)

Supporting the Academy’s Football Club (1994-1998)

Continuing all services and projects from 1980s and 1990s, as well additional community tailored services

Supporting others involved with the Afghan community here in the UK and abroad

Presentations and Interviews – Representing the Afghan British community (since Early 2000)

Afghan Radio Shows (2007-2012)

TV Programmes and channel in the UK (since 2011)

Afghan Art & Multi-media Exhibitions & Showcases (since 2011)

Online Education for All Platform (since 2015)

Integration Workshops (since 2018)

Afghan Women International – Parenting and Art Workshops (since 2015)

Afghan Art & Culture Club for Families (since 2015)

Afghan Families Partnership Project – Providing Specialist Support for Families (2019-2021)

Afghan Volunteering Partnership Project – Training Volunteers to Support Families (2019-2021)

Afghan Council of Britain – Umbrella Network (since 2013)

Afghan International Council – Think Tank and International Network (since 2019)

Online Art and Culture Exhibition and Showcase for Young People & Families (since 2020)

Afghan International Peace Conference and Festival – 10 Lines of Activities (since 2020)

Online and Physical Afghan Library and Centre for Peace, Arts and Culture – providing an archive and a designated platform for the Afghan community and the wider public here in the UK and abroad

Online Afghan Community TV Channel

Services, Projects and Activities


Afghan Academy International




2nd Afghan International Peace Conference and Festival 2021

'In Search of Peace'


to honour all those who have lost their lives over more than forty years of war and conflict and applaud the long-term resilience of those who have still not lost hope;

to promote peace;

& support the establishment of the 1st Afghan Library and Peace Centre

 Talks, presentations, articles and showcases of the art and culture of Afghanistan by prominent and well-known scholars, academics, writers, filmmakers, artists and civil society members who are actively supporting our peace initiative

Starting 21st September 2021

Afghanistan Crisis Support

Emergency Support for the People of Afghanistan

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Services for the community

Throughout the years we have continued to provide various services to the Afghan people and others who have reached out to us.

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Afghan TV Channel

Promoting peace, education, culture and arts through TV programmes broadcasting to Afghan viewers around the world.

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Academic Seminars

Promoting education and the works of Afghan scholars, writers, poets and artists among Afghans and worldwide.

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Afghanistan International Aid

Raising awareness and supporting the educational needs and the relief of poverty in Afghanistan.

Education For All

Promoting education and support home learning for all.

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Afghan Variety Radio Show

Providing advice, information and entertainment and an interactive live dialogue about current affairs.

Afghan Library Study Centre

Providing educational and cultural services and activities which have proved to be facilitating the learning experience of diaspora communities in helping to advance awareness in the society.

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Afghan International Peace Mission

Promoting dialogue for peace, justice, equality, tolerance, pluralism, co-operation, development and state and nation building in Afghanistan.

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Dialogue and Discourse on Afghanistan

Promoting education and providing a platform to exchange views and thoughts and to share a selection of articles and views on Afghanistan’s political, economical, cultural and social developments.

Afghan Art, Film & Media Foundation

Initiated in 2011, this project aims to provide a platform to support and promote the Afghan Art and Cinema worldwide, organise exhibitions and film festivals, as well as support Afghans to get scholarships, training and study opportunities in colleges & universities.

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Afghan Art & Culture Club

Providing activities and services to cater for the needs of the young Afghans in the UK and abroad.

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Online Art and Culture Exhibition and Showcase for Young People & Families

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Afghan International Council

a collective voice for Afghanistan and its people, echoing their needs and wishes

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Afghan Women International

Run by Afghan women, this project aims to create an active platform in support of Afghan women in Afghanistan and abroad.

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Afghan Council of Britain

Platform launched in 2013 to initiate & establish communication, recognition, appreciation & cooperation amongst Afghan community organisations in the UK for networking and better serving the Afghan community as a whole & to promote Afghan organisations and their services.

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Afghan Culture and Music Events

Support for Afghan artists & musicians and opportunities for new talents to learn and perform in events.

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Afghan Youth/Social & Sports Clubs

Supporting Afghan youth/social & sports clubs and promoting recreational and sports activities among Afghans in the UK.

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Afghan Related Events

Providing and circulating information about a selection of events and services taking place in the UK.

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Afghan Families Project - Volunteering Programme

Volunteering programme to get training, mentoring and coaching to help families access specialist support.

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Your health matters to us!

Providing further information and advice relating to health

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Afghan Families Project - Support For Afghan Families

Access Specialist Support for Afghan Families in Ealing

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Our response to Covid-19

We provide emotional support, advice, guidance and translations over the phone. We also continue to run our Afghan Art and Culture Club, Afghan Families Project and various other projects and services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information email:

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Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response Appeal - 35+ organisations across the world

We teamed up with other organisations around the world provided support to 800 families in need of support in 8 provinces of Afghanistan during the COVID-19 period from May-July 2020

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